Blue purple handheld paper bag, Thickened paper bag, Garment bag, Butterfly pattern gift bag, Candy and gift packaging bag

Welcome to customized the Blue purple handheld paper bag in a variety of size and print your logo. this product price cheap, simple to use, fashionable appearance, reliable quality, processing technology is mature, easy to transport, which brings good experience to both merchants and customers.


StyleLength, Width, HeightColor SelectWeight
Vertical14cm, 6.7cm, 15.5cmBlue purple(230g thick white cardboard)0.08kg
Vertical16cm, 11cm, 21cmBlue purple(230g thick white cardboard)0.085kg
Vertical24cm, 13cm, 31cmBlue purple(230g thick white cardboard)0.09kg
Transverse20cm, 8cm, 20cmBlue purple(230g thick white cardboard)0.08kg
Transverse30cm, 12cm, 27cmBlue purple(230g thick white cardboard)0.085kg
Transverse45cm, 15cm, 35cmBlue purple(230g thick white cardboard)0.1kg

Minimum order quantity :10,000 pcs.